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Amma Life CBD

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A range of whole plant extract oils, enriched with terpenes taken from the highest quality, legally grown and licensed Cannabis Sativa.
Each batch of oils is independently lab tested by a third party laboratories to guarantee the quality and purity of each batch.
Oils are a popular and easy way to take CBD supplements supporting everyday health and well being. All Amma products have less than 0.2% THC in and are within the legal requirement for the sale of hemp.
Free shipping included with all CBD oil orders, not on the spray.
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CBD supplements taken daily can help you to maintain your health.
Cannabidiol (CBD) can support our endocannabidoid system (ECS).
The ECS seeks homeostasis, through the continuous balancing of our body and mind to achieve optimal health.

-Certified by third party laboratories
-High cannabidiol (CBD) content
-Pesticide free
-Free of heavy metals, yeast and fungicide

-Superior extraction methods
-Grown outdoors in the EU
-100% natural ingredients, GMO-free

-We all have an individual experiance when taking CBD products. It is best on a low to medium level and slowly build up over a few weeks. If you are new to trying CBD, this guide maybe handy.

Take 1-2 drops under your tounge and hold for up to 30 seconds to allow the CBD to be absorbed directly by the bloodstream, this can result in a quicker and greater level of absorption.
All bottles have an easy to use pipette.

After the first day you can increase gradually by taking it twice per day and
stay at this level for a couple of days.
On day 4, you can increase again, for CBD oil increase to 1-2 drops 3 times.
Slow and steady is the best approach, see how it works for you and adjust accordingly, observing how you find it until you find a level that works for you.
This can take 1-2 weeks, possibly 3-4, all person dependant.

-Amma Life 4% CBD Oil.
10ml (400mg CBD).

Golden oil CBD enriched with terpenes. The 4% CBD Oil range contains 0% THC

  • Legal cannabis sativa grown organically and outdoors in the EU without the use of pesticides, to produce this superior CBD oil.

  • Non-GMO, 100% natural

  • Suitable for vegans

The CBD oil is golden in colour due to its unique extraction and purification process that removes waxes, excess fats and contaminants to increase the effectiveness of the oil.

Ingredients: CO2 extraction, 400mg CBD (per 10ml bottle), terpenes & olive oil. 0% THC

-Amma Life 10% CBD Oil.
10ml (1000mg CBD).

Dutch Whole Plant Extract.

  • Premium extraction

  • Whole plant extract includes wide spectrum of terpenes and terpinoids for maximum potency.

  • High quality, legal cannabis sativa grown outdoors, in the EU without the use of pesticides.

  • Non-GMO, 100% natural

  • Suitable for vegans

Ingredients: 1000mg CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBG, terpenes & hempseed oil. 0.1% THC
This is a food supplement.

-Amma Life 25% CBD Oil.
10ml (2500mg CBD)

Dutch Whole Plant Extract.

  • ADVANCED FORMULA for a smoother, PURIFIED finish

  • Whole plant extract enriched with terpenes for maximum potency.

  • High quality, legal CBD hemp grown organically in the EU without the use of pesticides.

  • Non-GMO, 100% natural

  • Suitable for vegans

Ingredients: 2500mg CBD, CBG, terpenes & hempseed oil. Less than 0.1% THC. 10ml bottle.
This is a food supplement.

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